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 Archer Classes and Ranks

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: Archer Classes and Ranks   Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:31 am



High Ranger - only one person may hold this title.


Rangers prefer seclusion. They live in the dark but are aware of all
transactions. Masters of the art of ambushing, they wait for the enemy
to wander into their space. Pity the careless traveler that comes to
challenge a Ranger. Better than a Woodsman with a bow but lack the
firepower of a Skirmisher. A favorite game of some of the younger
Rangers is to steal without detection. Go figure. If you see one in
the open, it is their choice. They like Tamers since beasts are
comforted when a Ranger is around. Rangers and beasts sometimes will
work together to achieve a common goal, most of the time ambushing
potential food.

Slogan : Shhhhh ... what is yours is mine.



Archer Ensign - only one person may hold this title.


Skirmishers prefer fighting. They are the warrior faction's best
friends since they make opposing infantry scatter at the sight of
flaming or exploding arrows. This allows for friendly warriors to
break through lines easier. If need be a Skirmisher will take out a
melee weapon and jump into the fold just for the fun of it. They are
the very definition of a battle archer and can usually be found at a
tavern yelling at someone bigger than them. The best at archery,
second to Rangers in close combat and last in common sense. Arguing
with a Skirmisher is like pulling a whisker off a lion ... bad idea.
Most don't have homes, they just rent at the bar. They are always for
hire but don't be upset if they get bored and forget to come back.

Slogan : Which one do I shoot?



First Archer - only one person may hold this title.


Woodsmen prefer conversation. Proficient archers but not as good as
the other two classes, though some would argue that. These fine people
stay as far as possible from the line of fire. In fact, most almost
never get into physical altercations, they walk away ... and then get back at
you with their huge brains. These are the bureaucrats of the archer
world. Most of the time they are gathering herbs and trading for the love of
profit. Craftsters prefer to contract them to get skins or valuable
ore, since they know that a Woodsman will always come back. Woodsmen
never cheat others since building reputation is very important to
them. Once in a while you will see a Woodsman walking with a
politician, both as a bodyguard and a cabinet member.

Slogan : If you pay, I shall acquire it.

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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Archer Classes and Ranks
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