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 Ranks and Titles

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Elemental Firecaller

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PostSubject: Ranks and Titles   Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:05 am

Hand of Shadow:Mainly necromancers and dark mages.

Shaidar Haran - Only one may hold this Title. Shaidar Haran means "Hand of the Dark" this position is second to the faction leader.

Nae`blis - These are the regents of the dark they command greater power than the other ranks but fall just below Shaidar Haran. These followers of the Dark Arts are proficient in all areas of magic and combat.

Forsaken - These are very powerful magic users who would prefer to roast you with a flame strike than cut you with a blade. They are rather reserved and strive to be the best.

Machin Shin - (The Black Wind) This position is that of a general. The Machin Shin leads covert
operations in combat, they are the silent killers on the feild of war
flanking the enemy to gain the element of suprise.

Order of Shadow: Ninjas, Dark Knights, and Theives.

Myrddraal - Myrddraal gain certain powers from the Dark Arts. They have the ability
to cause paralyzing fear with a look and can vanish wherever there are
They have few known weaknesses are muscular and serpent-quick. These
title holders are experts in combat and use magic to aid in their
weapon play.

Asha`man - Guardians these members act as guards to the upper ranks also they are the warriors who follow the Machin Shin on covert operations. These are proud warriors who if you insult will end your life without a sound or your knowlage.

Aelfinn - (The Snakes) These members are quick agile and love to use poison. If you cross an Aelfinn you best watch your back and test your food and drink before dining.

Eelfinn - (The Foxes) These members will steal the clothes off your back and the gold from your pack. Known to be sly and quick witted.

Dedicated - this is the second step in the order of shadow
these members are becoming well versed in the ways of the Dark Arts they are becoming master theives while learning the arts of stealth and ninjitsu. the hard road of the poisoning skill may also be desired for the aspiring assisin.

Neophyte - This is the first step in the Dark Arts. The Neophyte will learn the ways of the faction to progress down the path of Shadow.

In these ranks and titles the higher you climb the more you will use all of the Dark skills offered. The Thief, The Ninja, The Dark Knight, and The Necromancer/ Dark Mage. Combat and magic work as one and will make you very rich and powerful.
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Ranks and Titles
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