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 The Orc Master Archer

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: The Orc Master Archer   Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:21 am

I recently traveled to Destard to gather rare leathers for trade. As I approached the stairs going down to the second level I heard a call for help! Of course, since I am as kind as I am handsome, I quickly dispatched my harem of mules and raced towards the screams. What I witnessed was surprising but I have seen weirder, this type of weird was only level 6 type of weird. If it was level 9 type of weird, I would have left.

A group of Orcs were ganging up on another Orc! This unfortunate creature's name is Igoog and I remembered him from a trade I did some moons ago. I traded him some spider silk for some hairy papayas, the papayas make a good paint. They were pushing him into the room with a rather large Shadow Wyrm so that he would be slaughtered. To make a long story short, I sent my mules in and they were very successful. Igoog was very happy to see me and he promised me that he would gather supplies for me. Excellent! An errand Orc!

I also noticed that his crossbow skill was far superior to any Orc I have seen since Managaga, the Famed Orcish Skirmisher that fought a Dragon a long time ago. Of course the Dragon ate Managaga but he managed to blind one of the big lizard's eyes. I asked Igoog if he would be The Archer Faction's "WaterOrc", so to speak, and he has agreed. He even built a room in my home, and I paid nothing. Of course he built a log room in a stone mansion, but that's an Orc for you. Anyways, if anyone needs any errands done let me knnow.


Igoog wants to say hello ....

*Igoog draws a stick figure and scribbles something illegible*

Ugh, good Igoog ......

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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The Orc Master Archer
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