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 Craftsman Ranks

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: Craftsman Ranks   Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:38 am

The ranks for the Craftsmen are as follows:

1st Rank - Designer or Craftster This is an entry level rank and your first step
into the society of Craftsmen. You will need to own your own forge,
anvil, spinning wheel and loom. Safe to say that you must own a home,
but what Craftster is without a glorious private work area?

2nd Rank - This rank branches off into two(2) parts. It will depend on how many skills you can affix your makers mark on.

-Toymaker You must have already achieved the rank of
Designer(obviously). If you are able to provide proof of your work,
meaning being able to affix your makers mark on 2 skills(for example:
Blacksmithy and Tailoring), then you can be on your way to making
Santa's ugly wooden toys!

-Supervisor(s) A Supervisor is a person that has proven
to the Faction Leader that you have leadership skills and ambition.
There can be up to but not exceeding 3 supervisors at one time. To be
considered for this wonderful title then you must show further proof of
your skills. Your maker's mark must be present in 3 different crafting
skills(For example: Blacksmithy, Tailoring and Bowcrafting). In
addition, you must be ready to make clay items. The amount of items
will be determined by your Faction Leader or her second in command. I
assure you that this will not be a ridiculous amount. Supervisors
should wear the rank proudly for this is your first real taste of
responsibility. BYOC - bring your own clay.

3rd Rank - So, you're still at it huh? Well, to reward those that make
it this far ... you will be able to create your own title! This title
will of course have to do with crafting, so no "Destroyer of Evil" or
"The Archduke of Sosaria". This will not be too easy but if you are
willing and ambitious enough, then you can do this! To reach this rank
you will have to attain enough Queen Scales to make either 1 toolhouse, Key
or Mobile Forge. You will have a member of The Senate(Faction Leaders)
present to gather at least some of the scales. They can also ask you
on the spot to make any random item, so no cheating. Take pride in
this rank and prove to all that you are a true leader in your field.

There is no rush to move through these ranks. If you wish to relax and
enjoy your new found home and friends then please do. The Crafts
Division is a great way to make money for yourself and outfit your
friends and family. If you have patience then this could be a
fantastic way to show all that your hands are a priceless work of art.

Crafster Leader Lonestar, Forewoman
Second in Command Otus, Junk Collector

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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Craftsman Ranks
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