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 Just an Idea

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Master Warlock
Master Warlock

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PostSubject: Just an Idea   Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:35 pm

just an idea but, what if we had like mini groups between the factions like for instance when i told cel this last night i mentioned one between archers and warriors, kinda like where theres ranks for both but there under the same group style thing, if that makes an sense.for starteres the one between the archers and warriors , is the Teutons, based of something from a diffrent game i used to play

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: Re: Just an Idea   Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:17 am

The idea is good. We will need to work on titles, perhaps you can write a small book?. Warrior Leader, bring this up at the next meeting and The Senate will hear you. I for one, like it.

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Elemental Firecaller
Elemental Firecaller

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PostSubject: Re: Just an Idea   Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:57 am

I think it sounds good seeing that many of the titles in the factions have hybrid skill uses. My faction for instance has a dark warrior type title because necromancy spells involve weapons and ninjitsu does as well.. I have the skills necromancy, ninjitsu, poisoning, and thief skills where Alex has most combat skills, Bushido, and I think Chiv is his as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Just an Idea   

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Just an Idea
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