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 Titles and Ranks

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Elemental Firecaller

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PostSubject: Titles and Ranks   Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:09 am

The path of light magic begins with the basics.

Meditant: This is the first stage of magical mastery. A Meditant becomes one with their powers learning to channel their energy as well as the energy around them.

Mystic: The mystic has mastered channeling energy around them and can now use that energy to perform magical tasks.

Shaman: The Shaman uses basic and primal energies in the spells they cast. They are wild and free in spirit and often lose their tempers to their primal emotions.

Sorcerer/Sorceress: These magic users are in control of the powers they command as well as their selves. They have a higher level of skill and power than the shaman due to this control.

Magus: The Magus has a mastery of all skills related to the light magics. They have great power at their command.

The path of the light becomes harder but more rewarding still.

Druid/Druidess: This magic user has become a master of the powers involving the drawing upon energies around them but also the energies and life of nature itself. These powers are basically used to aid or heal others or yourself.

Druidic Avenger: Is a Druid focused on combat, this Druid uses the forces of nature to fight battles.

Arcmage, ArcDruid, ArcMagus: each of these titles represent the most achevied in the path of the light. only one may hold these titles. There can be only one archmage as well as only one ArcDruid and only one ArcMagus.
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Titles and Ranks
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