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 Adventurer Titles

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: Adventurer Titles   Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:27 pm

The Adventurers Faction has two disciplines. Choose the one that
identifies the most with your character. More titles could be added
later as the interest in this faction grows.

Explorers - This sub-group consists of those that see the woods for the trees.

Spelunker - This is the entrance title and one that will challenge you
since time is what stands in your way of progression. You must have
knowledge of cities and settlements to advance. You must also discover
and claim a cave.

Topographer - These fine people are truly gifted. They are close to
becoming the legendary adventurer's you hear about in taverns. Not
only do they know their way around cities but they also know dungeons
and camps like the back of a bottle of ale! If you prove that you can
survive in the second tier of dungeons then you are half-way there.
Oh, did I mention that you must also fill a runebook to provide proof
of your work?

(enter your own personal title here) - This is the highest explorer title,
whatever you call yourself *rolls eyes*, that you can achieve in this
respect. You will help the Faction Leader, Lady Midge, in the tasks of
the day. If more than one person reaches this rank then an insignia
could be placed in the title of the oldest member to show that this Hero is the head explorer. If someone gets lost, they call your
name. Search and rescue is your forte.

Treasure Hunters - Those who choose this path have one thing in mind. Money.

Archaeologist - The starting title. If you can dig for it, then you
can sell it. Of course you aren't a normal Archaeologist, most of your
kind would prefer to conserve, but you are different because you have
exquisite needs. To advance you must have acquired a Tokuno artifact
as well as 10 rare seeds. Plants are money! You may acquire these
items in the manner of your choosing. *looks away*

Argonaut - The sea calls you ... because treasure sleeps deep within
it's deadly calm. You are no pirate, but only because you like to
bathe and look pretty, or umm, handsome. Master the oceans and show
the world your razor sails! If you can bring back 10 "different" types
of fish and the rare net that can capture the fiercest of sea monster
then you may proceed. This net can only be obtained via a special sos.

(enter your own personal title here) - Well, you stole and sold your
way to the top! You picked some locks and broke some rocks but you
don't mind the work. You are the first to be dispatched to a Champion
Spawn when poo hits the chandelier. Your ability to withstand massive amounts of pressure have earned you the right to help Lady Midge make the moneh!

Leader: Midge

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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Adventurer Titles
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