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 The Longest Branch

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: The Longest Branch   Mon May 26, 2008 7:14 pm

As some of you know, I have yet to recover my memory. I have no
recollection of where I came from or what my true name is. The name
"Celahir Nightbow" was given to me by a Human blacksmith that became my
teacher. I am not very fond of most Humans because they squander their
days on ale and other petty addictions. Yet this Human, who will
remain nameless to protect who he was, was simple but perfect in many
ways. His daughter became one of my greatest friends and it was she
who taught me how to control my rage. She was dying when I met her and
still she lived for me. This rage still flows within me but it sleeps
to protect my new friends.

The Blacksmith's Daughter taught me a skill that has become my heart's
flag. I once waved a spear but now it's the kettle that burns brightly
in my home. Cooking is the name of the game and it's a game I very
rarely am outmatched in. I entice with spice and thrill with the mill
rather than lunge a fierce pierce or slash for the kill. I use a rack
for spices not for torture though I have been known to enjoy the art of
the butcher.

Ahh, the days end too quickly for me and since I have lived long, it
all feels like a dream. I am a lonely Elf but I get the occasional
visit from my guildmates. They are the reason I leave the skillet at
home and raise the shield in foreign fields. I guess fortune does
smile on all who are aggressive and find love in the imperfections of
his neighbors, mainly Humans. Believe me, Humans are far from perfect,
they are down right inferior to Elves. But, they have their uses, such
as companionship, and the ones I know are loyal and they are good for
laughs. Have you ever seen a Human child learn to walk? It's like
watching an Orc eat with a spoon...hilarious.

Yet I stretch that long branch out to help my Human friends. I do it
because The Blacksmith did just that when I was broken. He had a sword
which he could have used instead but his life was full and his heart
was still growing. I miss them, the forge master and the dying child.
It was so long ago, Vesper's Southern Forest was barren as no trees had
grown yet. I suppose you can say I was a child myself but instead I
like to say I was innocent. Innocence just sounds better than

Well my friends, I must now go and continue my cooking. I also have a
stack of dirty dishes and my maid has not returned in many days. I
guess it was a bad idea to send her to collect Giant Spider Eggs from
Spider Cave. Oh well, I am hiring a maid. No experience necessary.

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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The Longest Branch
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