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 A face for Moorg

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Celahir Nightbow

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PostSubject: A face for Moorg   Mon May 26, 2008 7:55 pm

Moorg was an Orc, shameless and crude. He led a band of painted
raiders off the Coast of Dirge. I was a captive of this wild bunch and
though my stay was short, thanks to a group of renegade half-Orcs,
known as The Bamtje Nannymucks, I learned how to find peace in the face
of death. Moorg taunted me by torturing unfortunate Pixies who were
caught in traps like lobsters. But he did not kill me when he had a
chance and this haunts me. Can an Orc have a soul?, can an Orc try to
change history when the past has shown no mercy to his kind?. How can
this be?, why should I lose sleep over a creature that pretends to live
civil in caves adorned with waste.

The Bamtje struck fast with careless recklessness. I admire that. I
figured that my end would come by a different hand but the Nannymucks
released me. They freed The Pixies who in return gave them treasure
maps. They did not say a word to me, nor did they open my cage. They
threw the keys inside and I let myself out.

On my way out of the cave I saw an Orc dragging himself into the
woods. It was Moorg and his eyes had been skewered out, his nose cut
off and he had his ears clutched in a painful fist. I pitied him and
decided not to end his life, as his existence now felt fitting to me.
As I began to walk away he muttered some words and continued to drag
himself towards the tree line. Many years later, I entered a small
library in Old Cove, before the Orcs took that portion of the
settlement. I picked up a book, "The Orc and The Flower" and noticed
that the same words Moorg had uttered to me, started Chapter 1. I
quickly rushed to the Librarian and demanded for him to translate. The
Old bookworm slowly put on his glasses and quietly sank into the
pages. He then raised his head and smiled at me. ....This passage he
said, it says "It is you that I will never forget, for it was you that
my eyes saw last".

....I bought the book.

She was like a candle in the wind... unreliable - Dean Learner

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A face for Moorg
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