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 Instructions for Nobles.

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PostSubject: Instructions for Nobles.   Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:37 pm

Hello! I suppose many of you have some question about being a noble. I have written some basic instructions considering recruiting new members and handling with players quests in "being a leader" book which is in upstairs library. Jost double click on the bookcases. Ok lets begin.

Recruiting: When you recruit a new member make sure they read the guild legend and rules&ranks book. Ask them that do they accept our rules policy. Sleep Then show guild hue room and tell them about the upstairs library. You can also help them with armor and weapons. Also show them our house gate.

Quests: Make sure you know the quest rules so that you can explain them to the person who is making the quest. Also make them read the rules.

armsman quest: Slain a dragon, no pets or bardic skill allowed, means you can use everything else you got. You need to go with them but not help them, just watch. If they succeed then change their title from the guild options.

Riders Quest: Person who wants to do this quest has to find other player who is a dragon Rider to take him/her as his Squire. If they succeed to find that person they go to speak to any noble who is online. You need to change this persons title as a squire of Drake for example. Before they can start this quest they must have completed the armsman quest and they need to have 115 taming skill. After changing their title you must make sure that the Dragonrider will know what to do. In that point the responsibility goes to the Dragonrider. He will make sure that the quest is completed and help the Squire. After they have completed the quest Squire must show a little red ridinghood cloak and a ridable drake to any noble online. Then you will grant him/her a dragon rider title.

Dragon Captain quest: They need to have completed the armsman and riders quest before they can initiate this quest.

They will need to kill a drowlord. You must go with them and make sure that they will do it. After that you will grant them a Dragon Captain title.

Nobles Quest: Only King or Queen can give person a nobility. Read more from the nobles quest.
Did I miss something here... study Read again slubber.
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Instructions for Nobles.
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